CAS- Essay

CAS is what help me to explore three different components which were creativity action and service. As initially it forced me to explore creativity and service but activity part is what most enjoyed about CAS. Even though the other 2 components was difficult for me to complete but i did it. I loved it when i performed my CAS different components. There are memories which stuck in my mind which were in service when i saw a smile in that child face. In creativity when we made step collaboratively it was a joyful experience.

Cas helped me to coordinate between time and work. There is not only one but i learned multiple thing from CAS which are that Whatever we do we need to commit to thing and always do the work ethical from our side. The most fun part about CAS were activity that i performed like football, dance, gym sessions, etc. this activity motivated me to do more.

CAS has given me memories which won’t be forgotten by me like naggar long trip where we did different adventure and breathtaking experiences. All this activity help me to work on myself by thinking mentally and logically. It help me to grow personally. One major skill that i learned is to work collaborated, teamwork which will help me my whole lifetime. This skill was successful but there were time were it did not work the task was to try your best try to make it work in different activity.

The most tedious and hard learning outcome to achieve was to have a group project as it was hard settle on the same idea as everyone and it requires weeks of planning which was tiring but in the end the commitment that what matters. The end product come hand in hand where we were able to collect that much fund that we could donate stationery to the orphan children.

CAS activity were a pleasant experience for me where i explored different phase of myself and which were awesome.

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