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My name is Shaurya Mashruwala and a student of grade 12 at Fountainhead school, Surat. I am 17 years old. I am fond of listening to music and learning to play my favourite tracks on guitar, but am not very fond of performing in front of audiences. I think that my strength lies in sketching, drawing and all kinds of arts, but what stands out, out of all is my interest in sculpting, as I love to play with form and explore new materials. What I really like to do with my free time is spend time with close friends or spending time alone. One of my other hobby is playing and watching basketball as it helps me to be physically fit and keeps me active.

What I truly believe in is perceiving everything in life with an open mind. This is an important skill to learn enable people to indulge an explore things that they would not otherwise. It expands one’s arsenal with more and more experiences to deal with anything situation that life would present. Having an open mind also makes one tolerant and accepting of things that are different from personal beliefs. This important and aid personal growth.

I strongly believe in is that one should never measure success with money. I feel that people who are deluded with the concept of ‘money=success’, divert from their true self at some point in life. My goal in life is not to be rich but be happy. One of my long term dreams is having an isolated house somewhere in the mountains, surrounded with nature where I can truly be myself.


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