CAS Essay

In the hectic life of an IBDP student, CAS is what gives us time for doing what we actually enjoy doing. It is like a stress buster. When I look back at my journey, the activity that comes to my mind is my project work FS3/3. This is the highlight of my CAS experience mainly because it was something that I took the initiative to do and also because I could successfully manage such a huge event. Another activity that comes to mind is learning the guitar because it exposed me to a lot of new genres of music and taught me to appreciate different kind of music.

CAS has helped me to be balanced and open-minded. It has taught me that not all knowledge comes from books, but also from the least expected sources such as a plantation activity. It has helped me find balance between my academics and my extracurricular activities. Other than that CAS has also helped me inculcate qualities like compassion and sensitivity towards global issues by working for a cause bigger than myself by indulging in service activities. While fulfilling my CAS requirements, I realised that one of the qualities that I had developed was being patient for results.

Though CAS was a fun experience, it did have a lot of challenges to offer. One of the biggest difficulties that I faced, was finding the balance between extracurricular activities and being persistent. So it taught me how to use my time effectively and find that motivation. The learning outcome that was the hardest to achieve was LO6, because it hard to put local events or activities into a global context. So I learned to consider the implications of my actions on a global level.

One of the most important things CAS has taught me was that service doesn’t necessarily mean feeding the poor. It could vary from passing on your existing knowledge to other or less fortunate or even just offer to help in an activity of global significance. To sum it up, CAS has been one of the most enriching experiences that I have had, and I would like to implement what I have learnt even in later parts of life


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