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CAS hasn’t just given me an opportunity to help and serve my society but it has also helped me develop and learn certain skills and new thing like learning COREL DRAW. It helped me make different artworks in my Visual Arts curriculum and also other areas where needed like designing the class logo on the first day of school. I lacked in my sketching skills so i realised that I could probably try a digital medium which could help me to not only make works that are curriculum related but also help me in designing different logo or something.

There were different shortcuts, the software was fun to learn. It felt like everything you imagine in the world, came to reality in just one click on the mouse and keyboard. Representing my ideas through digital medium and expressing it in my own personal way, helped me develop my own skill and thought process by which the message I intended to convey, was being passed on to the audience. I wrote all those shortcuts in my journal so I could remember all of them and now when I look back at those doodles, I realise how important these doodles will be in my coming future if in case I forgot this. In every session, after leaning certain codes and tools, we implemented them on our work and created different small works out of it having our own view and perspective to it.  Colours are always something that i am fond of, so I played with a lot of shades, tints and tones to make my creativity grow wider and open the door to wilder imagination. I finished my course of learning it and also finished my artworks that were to be made by this software. I wondered, where would I now use this software or where would I implement my learning? In the summer holidays, I wasn’t very focused and committed to this activity but as soon as the school started, the same old schedule of designing the class logo and other displays were given to us. Just like last academic year, I opted for designing the logo. From past 1-2 years, we have been drawing and designing it using different chart paper and pens etc. But this time, I thought using a digital medium would give it a unique touch. We, as a group presented our ideas and then worked upon it. Problems and difficulties did come in our way because of the inaccuracy while using this vector-based software. So, we tried with different possibilities and overcomes those problems of filling colour in an object and creating the graphic version of an image. Not only, that, we also used trial and error method to choose the best option for the logo. Here are my few artworks that I did in the corel draw.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.28.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.28.36 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.29.15 PM

Activity 9: Winter Trip to Naggar| Activity

cam 1115Having been to the Himalayas 14 times before in my short life of 16 years, I can gladly say that going back to the dazzling snow peaks and scenic valleys felt like home. On the class trip to Naggar, I indulged in walks, hikes and treks in the backdrop of rustic villages and quaint backwoods. Walking in the mountains seems very pleasant and charming, but the strength and rigor it demands can make it anything but that. On a trek to Rumsu village, the almost vertical climb on the trail was very challenging for me because I have not been working out for so long and therefore I got the opportunity to work on my fitness in such a beautiful scenery.

Furthermore, every evening, fitness sessions with specialists (however unpleasant they seemed while we were panting in the cold) really helped me improve my fitness. Overcoming the physical challenges really helped me push myself and learn new skills that I am able to use every day such as certain Yoga stretches

The adventure activities (skiing, tubing, ATV ride) really got my adrenaline pumping and helped me appreciate how hostile and tough the Himalayan winter is.

cam 397A highlight of this class trip was reconnecting with my classmates; people who I am surrounded by 24×7 but don’t really talk a lot to (I’m going to blame IBDP for that!). On the trip, because we had so much time in the train and bus and at Naggar, I was able to spend quality time with my friends and this helped me realise that for all my talks for being independent and not needing anyone, I really do enjoy having friends around. My classmates were also a source of motivation during the treks and adventure activities when the adventure element was a little too much for me, and I believe I was able to do the same for them too.

Another thing that unintentionally became a major part of the trip was Ethicality. Going to the Himalayas is such a surreal experience because the hills and forests are untouched by humans, therefore we should make any and all efforts possible to keep it that way. We also realised that we couldn’t classify the advent of tourism in the Himalayas as pure evil because it has undeniably helped raise the standard of living of the local people there and therefore instead of stopping tourism completely, we need to make the industry sustainable.Therefore, during this trip, we tried our best to reduce or carbon footprint by switching off the heater when required, picking up wrappers if we saw any in the jungle trails, not buying water bottles, etc.  Another thing that I did to help the local tourism industry was to buy things exclusively from local cottage industry emporiums.

Overall, the trip was very enlightening, because I got to learn about religion, culture, nature, art and have an amazing time with the treks and adventure activities.


Every child is an ARTIST – Picasso

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After event SMILES

Creative mela is an event which is a school initiative and is held every year on Gandhi Jayanti to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the “Father of the Nation”. This year the opportunity was given to students to organize the event and I was selected as the only event coordinator for the entire event.

Creative Mela is to witness and experience the most exciting hands-on workshops plus this year it was much more fun and perhaps even better than the last year as there were more hands-on activities for all to participate in through workshops.


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.03.50 pm     Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.00.32 pm

(Art piece created by students)

There were seven learning outcomes that I achieved from this activity. The key outcome was my indulgence in issues of global importance. Education is a global issue, which encloses the creed for joy, especially for the juvenile children. Education is the most important one can use to change the world. Therefore, I decided to engage in a global issue providing the children with a platform to learn art and value it.

Secondly, I could identify my own strengths and develop areas for growth. I always loved organizing events. My strength is in being always the leader of the group and in directing the team towards the right decision and choices. But, through this event I learned that time management is a very crucial part. It was very difficult for me to simultaneously cope up with studies and the event work. But, through this I learned that we should give priority to things that more important right now, so putting first things first.  

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.01.25 pm

The third and fourth learning outcome that I achieved was, it was a challenge for me to organize such a huge event being the only event director. I was assigned this position one month before the event. But, due to some miscommunication with the school management I couldn’t start preparing for it from the start. I had to rush in the last week of the event to complete all the work. To make my job easier, I had asked for some help by sending invites to student to volunteer for the event. Unfortunately, I got only 10-15 volunteers for on the day event work. They couldn’t help me with the planning, so I got really upset. Later, I went to one of our event management faculty for some help. She said send an invite to all the teachers too, they may come on the day to take workshops but won’t be able to help you plan things. So, the major challenge that I faced was I had to collect all the names of 1600 students by taking their three preferences and allotting them a workshop of their own choice.  So I had to go to each grade and each section to take the names. I utilized the time of my free slots in school and went to take the preferences. But, at times most of teachers didn’t allow me to enter the class as they said the students would get disturbed. So I had to book appointments with them according to their timings and my timings. To make it a win-win situation for both of us I decided to come early and take preferences of the PYP students. This saved me from not missing my regular classes of academics plus made me utilize the time efficiently.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.02.22 pm        Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.02.14 pm



The entire area planned according to the activities.

The fifth learning outcome was, I worked collaboratively with others. Through this event I learned that it is very important to have a team that can help you make the event succeed. I was working with a team of almost 40-50 people, inclusive of all the student and teacher volunteers. It was fun working with them, because I had allocated them workshops of their own interests, so that they can make new innovations and take interest in making the child have wisdom and make learning full of fun. However, coordinating with the volunteers was a tough job. I had asked them to send me a plan of what they will teach the kids and what all materials will they need. But, few volunteers didn’t make a plan nor send the list. So, I kept sending them a reminder to complete all the necessary work. At the end, before 2-3 days I had arranged for a meeting with all the volunteers to explain and brief them about the on the day job. But, few volunteers didn’t turn up. So it became difficult for me to explain them on the day of the event, plus because two volunteers didn’t turn up for the event, I had to take the workshop and I had to plan something on the spot. However, without the volunteers, this event wasn’t possible, as they were the most essential part of the event. Coordinating with peers who were participating in the activity, gave me a glimpse into what managing a large crowd is like. Moreover, many groups of children came and went, so we had to simultaneously conduct the activity and bid our goodbyes to those who had already completed their share of the workshop.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.01.35 pm                  Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.01.44 pm

Students engaged in different activities.

The sixth learning was I showed commitment towards my job. Truly saying, I had put 200% of effort to make this event a success. I had worked for it days and till late night to complete all the tasks. Additionally, I was motivated by always reading the inspirational quotes that said “don’t give up and keep trying” as hard work pays off. This helped me work hard for the entire activity to make the event possible.  

Lastly, I considered the ethical implications of my actions. There was one unethical decision that I had made. When I had taken three preferences of children I didn’t give the 1st and 2nd preference to few kids, as there was no space in some workshops. So this was unfair to kids who didn’t get their interest workshops even after giving preferences whilst few kids got their 1st or 2nd preference workshops.  Additionally, my actions provided the children a memory on which they could dwell for the rest of their lives. Plus, my hard work proved to be a potential inspiration for the juniors and the teachers of my school to organize such an event. This could also promote them to engage in random acts of kindness.

This event was successful and I enjoyed a lot. It still brings a smile on my face when I recall the smiles on the face of those children. The moment of sheer happiness just by providing opportunities and free space. I learnt a lot from this activity and for me this was purely worth it. I will cherish these memories for my entire life.


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