Winter trip: Naggar

It was a school trip to Himachal Pradesh,Naggar. The place was beautiful specially from the hotel where we lived. In this activity we did various activities like tracking, ice skiing and etc. I think the trip was fun due to the friends’ company that I had. It was worth going to this trip and participating in this activity made a memorable life memory to me.

While tracking I got to know that my stamina is low and I should be tracking with the team. This was the weakness I got know about me but never the less, I did the tracking but next time I can improve on my stamina. Tracking was also a challenge which helped me develop my tracking skills. Collaboratively tacking gives motivation to track. The ethical implication was to support Eco-tourism and promote and support local cottage industry.

I went to this trip just for fun and exploration, so as such there was not to much value that I would give to this activity but it could be valuable for others.The activities were effective. It helped me to know that, I can stay away from technology and also have fun. The activity had an ethical point that Himachal Pradesh had its forest and trees away from the human reach, so it was over due to do the same. To protect Naggar natural environment. We used to switch off the lights and heater while going out of hotel. To me the activities were valuable because it gave me new experiences like ice-skiing and tracking. Also this was a second last trip that we all batch mates were going to have.

I think going for trips like this in a year will freshen up people minds and it gives new experiences.

CAS Reflection – Vocals.

Although I was never very fond of singing, I still decided to take Vocals for my Arts Special classes. I learned vocals over a course of one year. Sometimes we even had to attend extra classes for vocals, so we had to come early to school and practise in our free slots too. Not only this, near the end of the course, we even had to skip our studying slots, to practice vocals. I felt rejuvenated when I used to take a break from studies and went for my Arts Special classes.

I learned a lot of things related to singing while attending this classes. Particularly I learnt singing at different scales and singing in harmony. Singing also helped me boost my confidence. It even helped me increase my team building skills as the final song that we learnt was to be sung in a group of 5 people.

The final stage of this activity was to perform our song in front of parents, teachers and other students. I was really nervous for this as I had never really performed anything in front of so many people. The one thing that made me felt less nervous was my team as all 5 of us were new to singing and also we were very good friends. Therefore, there was no pressure from my team.

I think this activity was a success for me as our final performance was very well appreciated by the audience and our mentor gave us a positive feedback too. Another reason why this was a success for me is that I developed new skills in this activity which was my goal from the very beginning. I moved out of my comfort zone by performing on stage. Overall this was a great learning experience for me.


It is harder when it is not normal!!!

I have been interested in the subject abnormal psychology for ages now and I am clear that I want to take it up as my career. Also my passion for social work along with my interest made me come to a school called Shree Nandan. It is a school where kids, with difficulties coping up mentally, were guided and nurtured.cas-2 I thought that spending a day with these kids would make the kids happy as well as give me some experience make me appreciate what I have a lot more than I do. All of that did happened, but this experience taught me a little more than just that. I thought that spending a day with them would be easy, but I was wrong. So wrong.
The very first thing necessary to be able to handle kids is to be able to communicate with them, which is already a difficult task with normal kids, and it becomes 10 fold more difficult when dealing with kids having difficulties because they can not understand us like normal kids do.cas-1
The first thing that we did was learn about some of the problems they had after which we went upstairs with them to pray. This I think was the most touching part of this whole experience. I could see that those kids were happy even after dealing with so many problems, and their voices held so much hope and happiness when, as a part of their prayer, they said “I can do anything”; It really inspired me and made me realise how big a problem this is. Millions of kids worldwide face these problems but they don’t have schools like shree nandan to help them our. This made me happy that I could help out even if it was on a very small scale.
After the prayers the kids were divided into 3 groups and the ones with children who had the most difficulties were sent upstairs and that was the group I chose. We had to make them play simple games dealing with alphabets, shapes and numbers, and we had to try and talk to them and keep them busy doing little tasks that enhance their cognitive skills. It was difficult for them to do what we said but I could see that at times when they were able to do it and were appreciated by us, they seemed really happy. Also it was difficult for us to decide how should we approach them as the slightest thing could disrupt their calm.
I worked with a friend of mine who helped me whenever I couldn’t think of thing to cheer them up and this really helped as we could divide our work which made it easier for both of us. In the end we also had a group dance which we all enjoyed. It made us feel more connected to them and I think it made them feel more like us and hopefully made them happier.

Reflection on trip to Naggar

So much fun, so much of heat exertion, so much of experience and so much of so many things! Even after eternity has passed, whenever I recall that 9-day-long trip, a smile breaks to my face. I don’t even need to look at my photos and yet all the amazing memories come flashing like a photo album in front of my eyes. Those beautiful sceneries, morning chills, SNOW! Mountains, fun evening exercising activities and unexpected events!


The journey, as always, began with the most tedious task, Whole-day-long-zig-zag-tiring travel time! This time of the trip is always a challenge for me. I, at times, am not good with just sitting around and those feeling of nauseous, just adds to the pain! Although, this time, after learning a lesson from my previous experiences and after making it my goal to enjoy every part of the trip, I took precautions. We played games, listened to music, talked with each other to reduce boredom and I took medicines with me for feeling better. These really helped me a lot! I also took efforts to talk to travelers other than whom I knew and interact with them. I learned so much and I understood how different people’s lives are.

The first day when we arrived at the palace- the place of our stay- we were asked to be in groups of three with whom we would be sharing our room, plus a mentor.  At first, I was a little sad and hesitant about it because I had to share my room with people I was not well-versed with and not too comfortable spending time and space with. We had to share the bed, which was a big deal for me because my classmate was a bit persistent about sleeping in between my friend and me. However, these challenges made me learn how to compromise and learn to work in synergy with people and train myself to work in situations that are out of my comfort zone. After all, best growth takes place that is out of one’s comfort zone. Additionally, I was happy that one of my close friends was there to accompany me in the room. After, settling in our rooms we went on a visit to the nearby village and learn a few customs of the town. We also went to see traditional temples that were famous around. Well, due to my views and interest for the temples, I was not particularly excited about it. However, I loved the architectural plan of each of the heritage places. It reminded me of ancient classic monuments, which interested me.

After the trek, I was so tired that I went to our room and slept. By the time I woke up, I got to know that all the people around me were having backaches and pain in their calve muscles. Well after doing my part of being Sherlock, I was just not able to stop myself from laughing! By the end of 5 minutes, my stomach started to hurt because of the way my friends described their amazing yet back aching experience of exercising in the evening that I had missed. Well, at first I felt happy that I was not a part of that backtaking episode but somewhere down the line I felt unfortunate on losing such a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (don’t ask me to pronounce it! Because for all I know Google suggested me this word for what I am typing!! :P) escapade. In short, an amazing experience. After that, I joined everyone for fun games and talks and horror stories!


The next day we went to a village on top of the hill named Rumsu. I was so excited for the day! Well, not just because of the visit to Rumsu but also that I heard that there were chances that our organizers were looking for another room and due to the changes the room that I was staying in would be left with me and my friend. And that was oh so good news for us! We were so excited to look forward to those changes that we both started to dance in the room when no one was around to look at us! We had literary gone crazy! So by the time we went for our breakfast the good for the day had taken place and the room was left for the only both of us to share. We were so elevated by the happiness that we both had cleaned our room, tidy it up and set certain rules for us! So after that, the food that we both had was displayed on a table, the dressing table was set up, the place for our suitcases was set, the place for our foot wares was decided, the bed was cleaned and set, pillows in place bed sheet in order, clothes in rack and all the dirt in the bin! The room looked as if we had just asked for room service to clean our rooms! Well, it was so fun and manageable! I enjoyed… sorry let me correct that! We enjoyed the look of our room and the efforts that we put in that we started to screech and jump again! I seriously think that if someone would have seen us like this they would have sure shot would have thought of sending us to a mental hospital!

After that, we went to Rumsu. I would be lying if I would say that to reach to that village is like cutting a piece of cake! We had to walk up the 2000 stairs to just reach to the village and exploring the village was another account! And at that time I wished that my endurance was 6 feet under the ground, and I should definitely work on my health. At first, it didn’t seem much and thought I could climb without much effort but to my misery, I was proved to be wrong! By the mid of it I was so tired and I had taken so many stops that I didn’t want to continue the ascent and had made my mind that I was alright for me to not climb further and not explore the village, to not fulfil my aim, to wait for everyone to go ahead and wait for them until they return and it was time to descend! However, I decided to be determined and to break out of my comfort zone! After making my mind, being determined and plugging in my earphones, I started again with the stairs and after that, I was one of the few to reach Rumsu first! It felt so good, I felt as if I had reached in heaven. The village was on a hill top, surrounded by mountains covered with snow, air filled with clouds around and gentle chills every now and then! Simply breathtaking! There we learned about their lifestyle, the architecture, their norms and tradition, their current state of education. We also got to know about their view on the current ongoing election in the village for the head. There were a few things the villagers were sharing with us that surprised me and were different than what I believe. Even though I wanted to, you know, correct them but then I also believe that I should never be persistent in changing what people believe until it hampers me. But, the visit was quite insightful! And off course, the sort-off workout that reminded me that I need to work out! ALOT!

After we reached to our rooms we were so tired, ate our lunch and straight away went to the beds and rested! However, today I made sure that I didn’t miss the evening exercise. Although, I did not participate a lot in doing the exercise well, but it was so much fun to see people do it! Instead, I was busy taking a few candid pictures of everyone around and let me tell you they turned out to be fabulous clicks, at least that’s what people that I took photos of said. The exercise was followed by games. I for a fact learned there that I love to play outdoor games with my classmates.

Oh, and how could I ever forget the dinner!!! That dinner! That THE DINNER! Everything was so good and so delicious until I found out what exactly I was eating! I am a girl that does not and I repeat DOES NOT eat non-vegetarian cuisine, that includes eggs as well, or even like to- or feel comfortable- watch a person eat non-vegetarian cuisine and for the first time that day I ate rice mixed with gravy that was made with egg! And as soon as I got to learn about the ingredient to the dish I was chewing, I was about to vomit! I was so much in utter shock! I could not think straight and with that, I just ran leaving my plate aside. Spit all the things that were in my mouth, into the bin! Took a sip of water and cleansed my mouth, so that there are no traits of what just I ate anywhere inside me! I kept my head down so that nobody could see my face and kept walking fast towards my room! Even when someone tried to talk to me I tried to stay calm and pretend as if I was alright and kept walking! After reaching my room and unlocking it, I could take no more and with that feeling of sadness that was filled with so much of guilt inside me- due to my ethics and morals- and my tears started to flow uncontrollably! I was so confused, what to do next and that taste that still lingered on my tongue I rushed to my backpack and brushed till I felt that the taste was no more! The best part about this horror filled ordeal was when all my friends were there to calm me down and make me laugh and make me eat my dinner. That was when I realized that I have a life filled with a treasure box called friendship. Every treasure in it was different and unique with different quality of each but all precious! And I was so happy that I have such a treasure box with me! (Too much clique?! I know, but true!) Finally, by the end of the night I calmed down a bit, and I was looking forward to the next day because I could not live the rest of the night, no more.


The 30th, the day when I would experience snow for the first time in my life! I was so excited! I was trying to avoid few of my classmates because they were constantly pestering me about the events from last night, and were teasing me! We went to the mountain for some adventure, to ski and enjoy other snow activities! We had two stops before we started to ski. The first one at the ski suit shoe (oh boy, that rhymes!). You know that I was wearing five layers every day and after that ski suit it just got 6 layers! I felt like I was a bear and I felt that I had swelled up! The second one was at some shop to get all the equipment. Although, let me tell you that it was so cold and windy out there that my hair where literary flying like they show in the movies, and I so liked that! When we reached to the mountain that had our destiny, we had to slide down the snow to get them. Everything was so fun! We, finally, reached our destination and were divided into groups of 7-8 people. We later were passing our skiing equipments and were enjoying our time. You know when skiing, at first it is like you are left to walk with your feet dipped in oil! You can’t just get your feet into control even on a flat surface with soft snow! So, by the time everyone else was skiing, I started a snow fight with one of my friends, after which another one joined and later we were literary one team versus another. I thought I was in a movie scene and everyone around acted fun because let me give you a reality check, the snow hits really very hard! After ski, we all left for some other snow adventure. Our next stop was at some amusement park kind of place where all the rides were related to snow! So one of the rides that we went to was two people sitting in a truck size tire tube and then that tier was dropped from a really high height!


After the whole day, we went to the palace back! The rest of the evening was the same but until= the dinner. I was so cautious of what I am putting on my plate. The best part about the dinner was that there was a dish called paneer chilly, and let me tell you I a big fan of cottage cheese. So when I went to take it another time, reality hit me again and this time far worse than yesterday! I was eating chicken chilly. (Oh boy!) At that time, saying that I was in shock was an understatement. It seemed that I had gone into a trauma! I started to laugh! And after a moment I was crying and then again laughing and the episode continued until I was crying and laughing together! (Well, who say you can’t do both together?!) I was laughing on my destiny and I was crying for my destiny! Isn’t it ironic! (Tell me!) And with this, you should have seen my friends look at me! They defiantly thought that I had gone crazy! At least what they did next proved it to me. One of them took away my plate from my eye-sight!  The second one made me sit and the third one got me some water and asked me to drink it! And the fourth one was just asking me to calm down and get my mental state back to its equilibrium! After a few minutes, my roomy took me to my room and was constantly debating with me that it was alright and the night won’t give me more shocks! She offered me some chocolates that I gladly took it! It gave me some relief until I realized that the chocolate that was offered to me contained non-vegetarian substance! This just made me go back to the traumatic stage I was in earlier!

This time I was so not looking for the next day, even if it was the New Year! Because a next day would mean that I was enjoying the first half of the day and then there would be ‘The dinner’! After 11:30 everyone one of us gathered around in the lobby and waited to celebrate the New Year with our friends and classmates. For fun, we danced and had a sort of DJ. However, the best was the next. We got to see one of the New Year traditions of the village. The palace had a temple that the villagers thought highly of and came first to visit when doing anything new or good. So we got to see the tribal dance and sayings! After the celebration, we went back to our rooms to get sleep for the next day. However, after the recent events I didn’t want to see the next day and due to my luck, the next day came too soon for my liking!

The morning of the New Year, the day was also quite adventurous; we went for the ATV rides. Although due to that all my clothes that I was wearing got muddy. Then we went to the hot springs at Vashishth. The water there was so hotly warm like someone had taken efforts to keep it boiling for like an eternity.  For lunch, we got ourselves a treat in Manali. The treat was so delicious that I would love to get treats like that every single day for the rest of my life! For the evening, we went to a local market. That day it was especially too crowded because of the festival that was coming around. It was so much fun. Every one of us were given a time of about an hour and we were allowed to roam freely in the whole market and be good eco-tourists. For a fact, I really don’t like when a shopkeeper is charging unexpectedly high amount just because they think we our tourist and won’t know about the fee and will be okay with it and won’t bargain. So, when my friend was busy buying at the rates she thinks is alright to pay, I was stopping her and bargained with the shop keeper for a better price! And the worst part about it was after me helping my friend by getting her stuff in fewer rates, she gave me looks for doing so because she believed that it was unethical. So we went back to each of the shops again and paid them the rest of the bargained price. I still doubt her definition for ethical, though.

One of our friends had her birthday on the last day of the trip! So, we took efforts to get her some cake and celebrate with her. And I made sure that the cake tasted good because I was so not willing to eat dinner at that place anymore! The next morning was a small trip to a temple which survived one of the most deadly earthquakes. The temple was quite interesting because there we got to listen to many love stories of our mentors and adults guiding us for the trip. After the visit to the temple, it was time for us to go back! And even though there were many unfortunate events that took place, I didn’t want to leave the place!



CAS Plan-Swani Shah

Activities Components (C/A/S) Duration with start date and end date Learning Outcomes
GROUP PROJECT- Garba Fest Creativity, Activity, Service One and half month- 15/8/15 to 10/10/2015 LO 1: Strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2: Challenges

LO 3: Initiate

LO 4: Commitment

LO 5: Working collaboratively

LO 6: Issues of global significance

LO 7:Ethicality of choices and actions

Hindi Assembly (Hindi Divas Celebration) Creativity 9/23/2015 LO 1: Strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2: Challenges

LO 4: Commitment

LO 5: Working collaboratively

LO 7:Ethicality of choices and actions”

OC- FHS Basketball 3/3 Tournament Creativity, Activity Two Days- 9/ 23/2015 to 9/25/2015 LO 1: Strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2: Challenges

LO 4: Commitment

LO 5: Working collaboratively

Creative Mela Creativity 10/17/2015 LO 1: Strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2: Challenges

LO 3: Initiate

LO 5: Working collaboratively

LO 7:Ethicality of choices and actions”

Plantation- KVP School Activity, Service 7/3/2016 LO 2: Challenges LO 4: Commitment

LO 6: Issues of global significance

LO 7:Ethicality of choices and actions”

Learning Garba Activity Three Months- 7/5/2015 to 10/5/2015 LO 1: Strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2: Challenges

LO 4: Commitment

Teaching Orphans Creativity, Activity, Service 9/19/2015 LO 2: Challenges LO 4: Commitment

LO 5: Working collaboratively

LO 6: Issues of global significance

LO 7:Ethicality of choices and actions

Anchor at Kalakriti Creativity 9/26/2016 LO 1: Strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2: Challenges

LO 3: Initiate

LO 4: Commitment

LO 5: Working collaboratively

ASTH (A step towards Humanity)- Flashmob Creativity, Activity/Service In parts- 8/30/2015 to 9/5/2015 LO 2: Challenges LO 4: Commitment

LO 5: Working collaboratively

LO 6: Issues of global significance

LO 7:Ethicality of choices and actions

FHS Basketball 3/3 Tournament Activity 9/25/2015 LO 1: Strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2: Challenges

LO 5: Working collaboratively

Vansda trip- Jaanki vann

We went on a trip to Vansda where we had to plant trees. This was our first CAS trip. Jaanki vann was a governmental project, the project was to build a botanical garden and we got the opportunity to work with workers by planting trees. We were a total of 30 students, we were split into 2 groups (15 members in each). Both the groups were assigned different areas where they had to plant trees. In each group further they were assigned different jobs like carrying plants to the location where they had to be planted, digging spaces for the plants, burying the plants, etc. My job was to carry plants to the location where they had to be planted. At first, I was very excited and thought it would be an easy task to carry plants and will be able to complete the task in a handful of minutes, but it was not easy and nor could be done in a handful of minutes. My team then came up with a strategy. Our strategy was:3 to 4 people will bring the all the plants which were to be planted by us. 4 to 5 people started digging and the other people started planting the trees.Then those 3 or 4 people(who carried the plants) will work with others in burying the plants. By this, we didn’t only save the time but also learnt how to work collaboratively. If we would have brought the plants turn by turn (according to the needs) then that would have become hectic and unmanageable because we wouldn’t be doing the activity by planning. The workers there were really friendly, they didn’t even get angry if we mistakenly stepped on a plant or when we disturbed piles of dirt. We had to take decisions carefully because, in some of our decisions, 1 mistake could disturb/ruin the whole work which we did. We often dug holes to collect dirt for burying plants and that resulted in unevenly scaled land, so if we would have dug the holes properly for the plants (to bury them), we could have saved a lot of time and it wouldn’t have resulted in excess amount of unwanted dirt or unevenly scaled land. The social service which we did was connected to a issue of Global significance because all of us use a lot of tree-based resources (which includes newspapers, books, notebooks, textbooks, journals, paper bags(which are not made of recycled paper), wooden crafts, etc.) and that results in a lot of trees being cut down, this social service helped me by not only understand the importance of trees but also helped me by knowing about different types of plants and trees, where they grow, if they grow any fruits or not and much more knowledge. DSCN2463 DSCN2465

Naggar trip

It was one of the best treks I have ever done. I have done a lot of treks and participated in many adventurous activities in the past but this trip was totally different. I participated in new activities such as Skiing, Tube ride, etc.

The main aim to visit Naggar was not to enjoy with Friends and click photos, my main aim was to explore the rich culture and background of Naggar. We went to various different places such as Nicholas Roerich art gallery where we explored paintings done by none other than Nicholas Roerich, We even explored his whole house, his room, his house’s interiors and much more.

Before the trip, I had made some promises to myself which were:

1: I will not pollute the beauty of such a historically rich place.

2: I will not violate any of the rules and religious beliefs of the people living nearby.

I indeed had some issues while buying things and carrying them because in my home town, we get plastic bags along with the products bought but in North India’s Himachal Pradesh, the government has kept a ban on giving plastic bags to carry things which indeed troubled a bit to me because I was not used to it but eventually I got used to it. Since then I had promised myself not to carry any plastic bag, it eventually ends up choking sea animals or domestic animals such as Cows, Buffaloes, etc.

I faced quite some issues:

My jacket was not in a good condition so I had to wear wind cheater throughout the trip which really tensed me because wind cheater is not as insulating as a jacket is, I was freezing through half of the trip until I got to know that rooms will be having heaters and luckily I had enough cash to buy myself a new Jacket from a nearby store in Naggar.

Because we were going during the time when temperature are the lowest, I had to make sure that I carry good gloves so that my hands don’t get numb and had to make sure that my shoes were water repellent so that my feet remain protected from the snow and cold flooring all the time.

Overall, the trip was another fun yet knowledgeable trek experience for me, visiting temples, markets and art galleries fulfilled 3 main aspects off my “perfect trek criteria” and the most amazing thing was THE AWESOME YET ALLURING VIEW FROM THE HOTEL. I love photography, in fact I want to make it my career so it was a great experience for me to visit such an awesome place and click photos for my Portfolio.


“Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.” ― Charles Bukowski, War All the Time




The event was ‘Bal Mela’, bal referring to ‘children’ and mela meaning a ‘fair’.  Bal Mela was scheduled on Saturday, 13th February 2016. Knowledge is not only to be acquired but to be shared as well. This event was organised with a motive to give exposure of various activities related to arts and sports to the underprivileged children. Children from all communities came to enjoy around 40+ activities which were arranged for them. We witnessed miles of million smiles and happy faces, that brought satisfaction and smile on our faces too.


Proposal Stage: Every year the school aims to conduct this event. A rigorous process is followed by the school authority to decide on the suitable candidates to lead the event. The same was followed this year. All the candidates filled the form and on the basis of the candidates responses, and also considering their past experiences, the best ones were selected. The second stage of the selection process was the interview with the respected authorities. I was really nervous before and during the interview. However, it all went nicely. Soon I got to know that I was selected as the event coordinator, along with my two other friends. I was really excited for the new opportunities ahead and at the same time, was happy to take this leadership role. However, along with the authority came responsibility.


Planning Stage: Khushali, Naomi and I had work like planning the activities, allocating those activities, selecting the volunteers, planning the schedule, ordering the resources, inviting government schools, NGOs, etc. we had to decide the menu and arrange the food for around 1500 children (following the school’s food policy while deciding the menu was an ethical action), and the list of responsibilities seemed to go on forever. The event that made me feel like a leader with tons of responsibilities on my shoulders. Luckily, I had two partners to share the burden with. The coordination was maintained at the best level between the three of us. We belong to the same grade and we know each other very well, this proved to be an advantage for us during the course of the event as we knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses, hence, it became much simpler to work synergically and to deal with all the crisis that came our way, together. As even without saying,  the work was done and each member was informed and simultaneously was updated.

In the past years, I have been taking a part in the organising committee of this event, by being a volunteer for various activities and therefore I had some knowledge about the technicalities of how the event works and progresses. We took to reference from previous years documents and had a talk with last year’s coordinators of the same event, and along with the guidance from the school authorities we started with our planning. We figured out the things that we need to change from the last year’s format and also tried to work on the feedback given last year.

Appointing duties to student volunteers was a difficult task, as we had to ensure that our personal biases towards our friends didn’t affect the allocation. Ethics played a role here as we had to maintain the equality in the process and also had to make sure that the roles were divided purely on the basis of one’s potential. This event taught me the importance of working collaboratively and the need to be patient and tolerant because we had a team of nearly 100 volunteers. If anything goes wrong, then there is no scope of learning and for improvement. We were truly disappointed when some of the volunteers didn’t turn up on  of the event., and some even backed off at the last minute. It was very difficult for us to find volunteers. However, I believe that it was the OC team’s commitment and perseverance that made the event a big success. I have learned to work under pressure.  

All the three of us have an inclination towards the field of arts. This time we decided to change the logo of the event. The logo for this event was being redesigned after a long time. We were very proud of the new logo, as well as were curious to see the logo being printed on a huge banner and to see the reactions.

Execution: Two days prior to the event, unfortunately, I fell ill. I was not able to contribute much to last minute preparations, however, I tried my best to do all the work that I could by sitting at home. On the D-day, as soon as I reached school, nervousness had taken over me. Everyone was doing the work assigned to them, all the three of us were running all over the school to check that everything was on place. As the children started arriving, the laughter and excitement was all in the air. I could not forget the pleasing view of children dancing, playing sports, some enjoying in the giant wheel, while others using their creative minds to paint, make a mask and  others waiting patiently to get a tattoo done.   Nobody seemed to be tired at the end of the day. I was all energetic and was ready to dance as soon as I heard the music. I was in an awe by seeing how talented all those kids were. Another ethical aspect was that we had to make sure that all the kids get an equal opportunity to experience each activity. Also, ensuring that we don’t hurt the sentiments of the kids, either by behaving inappropriately or by saying something which would hurt them.

Learning: The event required a lot from me, from multitasking, effective communication, patience, cooperation, leadership and management skills, punctuality, to staying calm and not losing my temper. I learned a lot and have developed as an individual. We are all privileged to experience the joy of living, this event taught me the joy of giving and sharing. Happiness is not found, it is created by yourself. And what I got to know is that happiness is a thing which if shared with others, increases and not decreases. The event was an opportunity for us to provide space and resources to the underprivileged children to enjoy the joys of their childhood.


img_0099 img_3291 img_3329 img_3333


The Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit!



The Global social entrepreneur summit was held in Mumbai for 3 days. Its was organised by the American school of Bombay in February 2016. I participated in this activity with a goal discovered my areas of interests and to meet knew people. This summit invited people from various different parts of the world such as : Turkey, Jordan, India, Bangladesh, United Kingdom etc. On the first day, I regretted my decision of coming to this summit as i could not gel up with people, i was loosing my confidence. But as time passed i made acquaintance with new people.  We visited Dharavi which is a whole new world in itself. We were taken to Dharavi on the first day itself for our tuning in activity and we had to explore, ask question, identify problems etc, which would eventually help us to construct our social enterprise plan. Basically, We had to create an enterprise plan which would serve and help eradicate problems which people in Dharavi were facing.  

Personally, I am an introvert and it is a very big challenge for me to interact with new people with very different backgrounds and cultures, I always fear about whether they would like talking to me or not, or whether am I making sense while conveying a message. I wanted to make this weakness a strength and try to overcome my fears.

20160227_160721Winning from other groups was not the main goal for me at that period of time, Winning from myself or MY OLD SELF so to say was my main focus. However, my strengths overpower some of my weaknesses, I have this strength to cooperate very well with others and work on the assignment given, thinking creatively and being loyal and honest.

For making this enterprise plan, We were required to work in groups. For making the group there was an activity where we had to write what surprised us and what were the problems we discovered on which we would like to work upon. Surprisingly, I found people who had similar thoughts as me and people who wanted to explore the similar problems. So we formed a group of 4 people, 2 people were from turkey and 1 from Bangladesh and I.We had to come up with a creative idea which is beneficial, very less costly and which could help the society to a greater extent. We worked collaboratively and devised a plan of our enterprise which helped to improve education and employment. We developed a prototype which exhibited our creativity and presented it to our viewers. Some people really liked our work and we got a lot of appreciations.  

Apart from all the work, I made new friends and the best part is i am still in touch with them. I feel that this activity really helped me develop my areas of growth and new skills.This activity perfectly incorporated the three strands of CAS: Creativity, Activity and Service. I don’t regret my decision of volunteering for this summit, Because it taught me lessons of life which will help me grow as a person. I am looking forward to volunteer for more such summits. It was a wonderful experience.


Winter Trip to NAGGAR

This place is situated between Kullu and Manali where we had to stay in a Castle built on the top of one of the Kullu valley where a spectacular view can be seen, both Kullu and Manali town can be noticed, castle constructed in 1460 A.D by Raja Sidh Singh in the middle ages. This castle had a great tourist attraction because it was preserved as it was, it has western architecture of Himalaya and unconfirmed but outstanding stories which is related to horror and Kings daughter.

We started by a train journey from surat to ambala and then to the castle a 8-10 hour journey in bus. When we reached there was a small introduction about the castle and then the next day plan was mentioned. Next day we started with a yoga session and then a walk to the Naggar town on foot where we had to adjust our body temperature and have to adapt to the surrounding because it was in winter and low was about -1 and high was just 7 so this way it was difficult to climatise as surat has a low of 12 in winters and as high as 20 so it was a new challenge for me. Warm clothes were very much required, after a specific intervals our body has to gain a good nutritional food in order to survive and produce heat for the body. This way I started adapting but it was not that fullest. On the 30TH of Dec 15,  Now on this day it was time to do some service and a activity where we have to trek to a village about 4 km uphill a big challenge was infront and we had to cross over it it was a very tough walk and I cheered the ones who is not regular with this and they cheered me that you can do it too as it wasn’t routine for me too, the one who very much inspired me is the locals- they had their small 3-4 years old children carrying buckets filled with water which is heavy and they climbed at a speed where after 2 or 3 second I couldn’t even see them, this was it made my mind to think that “I could complete it too”. On the way we had packaged food which had a plastic covering to not to harm any people, animals I thought of putting it in my bag which will not cause any disturbance to the nature and when I go back to the hotel I would throw it in a dustbin;After reaching up there we came to know about the architecture, culture and the way- how and who they believe in god. We saw a temple where it was not allowed to touch anything around it like trees and the walls of the temple we were just allowed to have a walk and see the structure where our guide belonged to that particular area it was easy to understand and he conveyed it very easily it was my first time to listen to anything related to not to touch their item which will cause them to create a hatred towards the tourist. Before coming back to Castle I bought local products which are home made or are there to sell in order to let them earn money which gave me a joyful experiences, products like- Dried apples, Safrron, Garlic, Shawls and many more which is famous and they sell it as a souvenir. On the 31st we had a great morning where I had to learn skiing which i have never done it before it was again a new challenge for me because it needed balancing and by wearing so many layers of clothes it wasn’t easy to move at all. After few rounds still it was not a good going but I somehow learn to do the basics of the basics.

It was new years night and we all were tired so there was a little celebration and it was against the local peoples ethics not to play loud music and do any party so we respected that and slept for that night and thinking about the other day. 1ST JAN morning we visited the Manali city where there’s more tourist attraction from all over the world.

Later in the evening we left for our journey back to surat. And definitely I brought back tons of memories with me back to Surat, where teachers and classmates helped me a lot with their cheering and having fun with them.

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